The Amazing Benefits of Saffron for Hair

Saffron, this precious golden spice has numerous health and therapeutic benefits for hair. In this article, we talk about marvelous benefits of saffron for hair. One of the most popular beauty benefits of saffron is its hair growth abilities.

Saffron has lots of mineral nutrition like manganese, iron, vitamins and a variety of volatile acids, such as limonene acid. Indeed, The Antioxidant in saffron has a wide range of essential vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, Folate, calcium,  riboflavin, niacin and pyridoxine , rich in proteins and has anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties that is very efficient and beneficial for hair healthy.

Take a look below to know the benefits of saffron.

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Protects damaged hair
  • Purifies scalp & pores
  • Treats dry hair
  • Thickens hair
  • Repairs hair follicles
  • Cures for baldness
  • Improves head texture
  • Increase hair volume
  • Moisturizes head skin
  • Prevents the strength of the hair
  • Give a potent boost to hair longevity
  • Best natural treatments for alopecia
  • Increases the strength of the hair
  • Increase hair transparency & shine
  • Increase the smoothness of the hair
  • Heals wounds & lightens scars on head skin
  • Cleans head skin for having better skin

For Hair Mask:

This magical hair mask will make your hair shinier & stronger.

  • STEP 1:

At first, Soak a few of saffron threads in milk overnight. Then, add some licorice powder or even almond or olive oil to it.

  • STEP 2:

After that, mix well to make a smooth paste & apply this over the scalp and hair. Leave for few minutes and then wash gently with a mild shampoo. Regular use can promote growth of new hair. It restores hair damage & makes it healthy.



Saffron Rock Candy Benefits

Saffron Rock Candy Benefits

Saffron rock candy with a high-quality, sweet flavor, potent color and pleasant aroma is known as a home treatment and has innumerable beneficial properties. The best alternative to sugar and free from chemical additives and preservatives.

The amazing benefits listed below are just some of the major reasons that why we should commonly use Saffron candy on a daily basis. You can use it with tea, herbal, coffee, water, milk, syrup and any other hot or even cold drinks.

  • Energizer

Saffron rock candy as an energy booster and symbol of happiness, increases vitality. In addition,

it’s a perfect energy drink to get out of a hangover or a long & tiring work day.

  • Anti-Inflammatory & Improve Immunity

Saffron rock candy has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition,

it activates, the body’s defense system & help to improve the immunity.

  • Anti-Bacterial (Prevents Bacterial Infection)

The saffron rock candy has an anti-bacterial features & the best

choice for preventing bacterial infections.

  • Soothes Sore Throat & Reduces Coughing

It’s good for throat and gives smoothness to the voice. The natural saffron candy into the tea is suitable to soothe the throat, cough and relieves chest pain.

  • Helps Regulate Bowel Movements

Saffron rock candy is an excellent laxative. Hence, regulates the bowel movements & relieves the constipation problem. This precious product, can help relieve your constipation.

  • Excellent Scrub & Exfoliator

The combination of the powdered saffron rock candy with olive oil, can easily apply as a face scrub that rejuvenate your skin and give it a radiant glow.

  • Improves Digestion & Remedy for Indigestion

Saffron rock candy as a golden prescription, aids in digestion by improving bowel movement regulation.

Saffron rock candy benefits are numerous. Here are other benefits of saffron Rock Candy:

  • Improves Mood
  • Reduces Depression
  • Relives Stress
  • Relieves stomachache
  • Relieves Menstrual Pain
  • Calms Muscle Cramps
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Relieves Pain
  • Prevents Flatulence
  • Anti-Flatulence Properties
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Treats Weakness
  • Treats Insomnia
  • Eliminates Phlegm
  • Curbs Constipation
  • Treats Diarrhea
  • Prevents UTIs in Females
  • Acts as a Mouth Freshener
  • Improves Metabolism Function
  • Removes the Mouth Pickles


Saffron Candy

Saffron Candy

A Sweet Travel Around Persia

The “Saffron rock candy” as an excellent sweetener, originated from Persian and India hundreds of years ago which in Persian culture is called “Nabat “.

All the great changes begin with a small start, just like adding saffron candy in a warm tea. Saffron candy as a Persian pain relief & healing the soul, increases the essence of sweetness in drink & makes everything feel better.

This golden candy commonly is used in tea, herbal tea, green tea, coffee, milk, water and any other hot drinks as a table ornament in gatherings with a sweet caramelized taste & it dissolves quickly in hot drinks. Saffron enhances the color and makes it more refreshing & fragrant. From the past, saffron candy has all the magnificent benefits of saffron, hence was used due to its healing effects.

Saffron candy is a pleasant staple in the daily Persian tea routine & traditional tea ceremonies. This golden flower of flavors is more than just a sweetener for hot drinks, cocktails, and other beverages. Just add Saffron Candy to your marinades. you can dissolve it in warm water or allow it to slowly infuse into the mixture.

What a Sweet Way to Be Healthy?

Who said that, you couldn’t have your sweet & stay healthy? Saffron rock candy made from natural crystallized sugar & 100% organic saffron with elite flavor & multiples Health Benefits.

A cup of warm tea with saffron candy is known for its numerous benefits.

  • Relieves Dry Coughs
  • Improves Digestive System
  • Soothes Stomach Ache
  • Restoring your Energy
  • Boots your Mood
  • Anti-Depressant
  • Relives Stress
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Prevents Bacterial Infection
  • Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular
  • Curbs Constipation
  • Eases Flatulence
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Invigorates The Body
  • Decreasing Fatigue
  • Calms Muscle Cramps
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Improves Metabolism Function

Nothing is more relaxing than hot tea with saffron candy in the cold & rainy days while watching & listening to the sound of rain.

That movement, when the sugar crystals breaks & the saffron aroma fills the home; it’s a good feeling to relieve your daily fatigue with a hot drink & saffron rock candy. It makes the worries go away.

Feeling Good …. Using Saffron Candy

Natural & organic saffron rock candy is a blend that promotes emotional & optimal well-being and helps in giving you a healthy start to your day.

What an incredible taste. A hot cup of fresh tea with saffron candy & its floral aroma, soothes your evening.

This golden flower on a stick, made from crystallized & 100% pure cane sugar & organic saffron with potent flavors that are delicious & long-lasting with colors that sparkle.


What Tops Gold? Yup, Saffron is more luxurious than gold. Recharge your mind & body with healthy resolutions. Add Saffron Candy to your drinks and make it the healthiest & yummiest. A luscious combination that is sure to energize every inch of your body. Saffron candy is prefect for any marinade that demands a sweet element where you need to use sugar.

Cheer up & Chill out Lemonade with Saffron Rock Candy

We all need comfort & good vibes. This golden luscious & refreshing syrup with saffron candy is all you need after a long day’s work. To add more excitement in your happy moments, try our special & authentic products & take a break for self-care.

Happy Life is Made of Memorable Moments Like This

Good Morning with A Sweet Love

Happy Christmas

December boxes on their way

Christmas time calls for Christmas candy. Share sweet moments with your loved ones & complete your winter experience with the perfect match of saffron candy.

These delectable delights take full advantage of the temperamental & fragrant saffron that lifts the classic saffron candy flavor to another level & forms a splendid symphony of flavors.

This One Surely Makes for Christmas.

Christmas is the perfect time to binge eat. we have a yummy idea, go full on Persian style and use saffron rock candy to sweeten your cuppas and pair them with healthy canapes and fill your heart with goodness.

Order healthy & super rich saffron candy for Christmas, birth announcements, parties, weddings, anniversaries or any celebration! Cause what’s a celebration without saffron candy? makes any gathering memorable.

“Order a Sweet Box of Happiness”

Have you ever felt the joy & freshness of life after inhaling the saffron fragrance in the air of your house? A cup of fresh drink with saffron candy make the blues away.

Pepole who are exposed to the taste & aroma of saffron are happier overall and have a more positive outlook on life.

Looking forward to laying in the sun & cool drinks like this memorable syrup with saffron candy.

“A Sweet Ending to A New Beginning”

The true essence of Persian tea with saffron candy is on the table. When everybody is looking for peace & comfort smoothies experiencing a great new taste can double this comfort.

We care for your wellbeing & bring you best quality

Sometimes, happiness is a reflection of good health. In Sun’s Secret, We aim to bring super quality & organic saffron rock candy which does not contain unwanted preservatives & adulterated. Something Sweet, classy and highly nutritional is coming to you and helps your health & soothes your mind from saffron candy.

The unique flavor of our saffron candy distinguishes itself instantly from other varieties available in the market.

benefits of saffron during pregnancy

benefits of saffron during pregnancy

Saffron During Pregnancy: Will it be Safe for Baby?

Saffron for its medicinal nature, is essential and highly recommended during pregnancy period. Consuming saffron during pregnancy period is safe and has numerous therapeutic & medicinal properties, but in a limited amount and just take it in a small quantity. It is safer to avoid saffron in during the first trimester of pregnancy, when the womb has not yet stabilized. It’s highly recommended that use saffron to your diet during pregnancy but in moderation.

Hence, it is considered safe to consume saffron during the second trimester (from the fifth month onwards) when the baby starts moving in the womb. At this time, the pregnancy is stable and as a result, the risk of endangering the baby due to premature contractions is reduced. If taken in excessive measured amounts, may prove to be harmful and affect your baby causing preterm labor or even miscarriage, Hence, there needs to be moderation in the consumption of saffron. Recommended that a dose of not more than 2 to 3 strands per day.

Some pregnant women may be sensitive to saffron consumption and experience symptoms when consuming saffron. Hence, consult their ob-gyn and dietitian before consuming saffron during pregnancy. Indeed, they should instruct pregnant women on when to consume saffron during pregnancy so that they consume it in the right amounts.


Potential Benefits of Saffron During Pregnancy:

The major benefits of saffron consumption during pregnancy include the following:

  • Antidepressant & Mood Enhancement

Anxiety are common during pregnancy. Indeed, the hormonal surges which has a deep effect on emotions & feelings in pregnancy period, can make pregnant women cranky & fractious. Thus, saffron as an anti-depressant, helps to relieve stress hormone, mood swings and producing serotonin that will raise pregnant women spirits & elevates their mood in pregnancy period.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem in pregnancy period, causing fluctuations in blood pressure. Crocin and safranal are the main components of saffron and have properties which are effective in combating hypertension in humans and this feature, will control the increase in blood pressure and reduce blood pressure during pregnancy.

  • Aids in Digestion‍

The common problems during the pregnancy period are stomach aches, constipation, gas and bloating and heartburn which is a result of improper digestion.

Saffron causes the formation of a protective coating in the digestive tract and acts as an appetite booster .It helps in digestion, promotes blood flow to the digestive system and thus, helps to enhance metabolism and also lessens bloating.

  • Relieves Morning Sickness

Nausea or morning sickness can take away the joy of pregnancy and often leaves feeling dull and lethargic. saffron soothes the digestive system and will fight nausea and dizziness in women during pregnancy.

  • Promotes Sleep‍

Sleeping during pregnancy period has become a challenge for most of the women. Saffron contains mild sedative properties that help promote sleep and enable pregnant women to feel relaxed. Furthermore, drinking saffron with milk is known to improve their quality of sleep.

  • ‍Combats Anemia

Most of the women during pregnancy are anemic. Regular consumption of saffron but in a limited amount, will boost hemoglobin in the blood curing anemia.

  • Saves Against Heart Diseases

Saffron is rich in high antioxidant, potassium and crocetin contents which protects pregnant women and their baby’s heart by reducing cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • ‍Fights Allergies

The immune system is often compromised during pregnancy and pregnant women will be vulnerable to infections and allergies.

Due to anti-inflammatory properties in saffron, it has the power to soothe coughs, asthma, allergies and relieve nasal congestion.


  • Relieves Muscular Cramps

Many pregnant women complain of muscular cramps in legs, abdomen and joint pain during pregnancy. Saffron as a natural painkiller has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it relaxes the muscles which helps to relieve stomach pain, soothe cramps and relax the joints and finally reducing muscular pains during pregnancy.

  • Protects Against Heart Disease (Heart health)

Saffron has a magical property of protecting you against heart diseases. The majority of women, during pregnancy, tend to consume more than the required amount of fatty foods in order to satisfy their increased appetite which can have a harmful effect on their cardiovascular system levels. Thus, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of saffron might help keep cholesterol levels under control and maintain the health of arteries and blood vessels.

  • Cures Respiratory Illness

Saffron anti-inflammatory properties that help dilate the nasal airways. Moreover, It reduces the swelling and inflammation in the lungs. Saffron can also aid pregnant women suffering from asthma

by removing any blockage that is present in their lungs and trachea.

  • Reduces Hair-Fall

Hormonal fluctuations often result in increased hair fall during pregnancy period. The antioxidant properties of saffron nourish the hair, making it stronger and also may aid in the prevention of hair loss.

  • Heals Skin Problems

Consuming saffron helps fight against common skin problems. These include pimple breakouts and acne that arise during pregnancy. Saffron acts as a blood purifier and has an effective solution to skin problems caused by impurities in the blood.

Healthy & Popular Ways to Consume Saffron in Pregnancy Period

  • Saffron Milk

Saffron milk is a popular way for women to consume saffron during pregnancy for its medicinal properties and also because is a great source of calcium which they need a lot for the growth and development of their babies. It will be aid in a pregnant woman’s sleep cycle due to its sedative effects. It is safe to take a few strands (2-3 strands) and add to warm milk.

How to Prepare:

  •  First, add a few saffron strands in warm milk & stir thoroughly
  • Let the mixture soak & stand to infuse for 10 minutes before consuming it


  • It can also be mixed in other dairy products but warm milk is best
  • You can have almond or pistachio slices in this nutritious mixture
  • Saffron can also be crumbled and added to meals

Side Effects:

According to the Drug Information Database, exposure to saffron in excessive amounts consumption during pregnancy could lead to:

  • Impair fetal growth and cause a variety of fetal malformations
  • Leads to premature labor or abortion
  • Numbness of the eyelids and lips
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Uterine Contractions
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry Mouth

Saffron Kills Cancer Cells

Saffron Kills Cancer Cells

Saffron: Anti-Cancer Properties

Nowadays, one of the most common causes of death is “cancer” which has a major impact on societies across the world and there has been a continuous rise in its incidence in both developing and developed countries.

Cancer is a major public health concern that can be caused by different factors. while some factors cannot be modified, at least one third of cancers are preventable by reducing behavioral and dietary risks.

One of the significantly important approaches for cancer prevention in the present era is using readily available natural substances including: vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices and among these precious herbs and spices, saffron has numerous beneficial properties.

Saffron, this herbal remedy is known for its possible therapeutic effect on cancer and has a long time history as an effective component of traditional medical that act as antioxidants and has an intrinsic ability to fight cancer. A saffron flower toxin, kills cancer cells. It attacks damaged cells and leaving intact the healthy cells.

The more powerful components of saffron are crocin, crocetin and safranal. According to medical research, the antioxidants in Saffron affect the regulation of cell growth, prevent cancer-causing gene sequences and slow tumor progression while boosting & increasing blood levels of protective compounds that further suppress cancer growth.

In addition, Saffron has a natural anti-cancer properties and fights against cancerous cells especially on the colon, skin, prostate, gastric, lung, liver, blood, breast, bone marrow, cervix, colorectal, pancreas, hepatic, ovarian, cervical carcinoma and etc…, due to the presence of “crocin component”. It is also used to stop the growth of tumor cells.

Saffron acts as an anti-tumor drug. Indeed, the anti-tumor drugs from saffron stigma can be applied as alternative and safe. Furthermore, as mentioned above, saffron contains cancer-preventive properties and it has a significant effect on repairing damaged DNA molecules.

Saffron: A Powerful Antioxidant

This precious plant, has the unique ability to slow cancer growth. It reduces cell damage by eliminating free radicals, due to its antioxidant properties.

Saffron contains a series of beneficial, biologically active compounds and a multitude of bioactive molecules, many of which have been shown to have specific benefits in the body, including: protection of liver tissue and bladder tissue against chemical damage & toxins.

Moreover, the use of saffron could be combined with treatments such as: chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat the disease. The recent research has found that, saffron helps to reduce the harmful effects produced by chemotherapy drugs.



Worldwide researchers are investigating on the correlation of saffron with lowering risk of many types of cancers and cancer prevention & therapy.

Saffron is known for its rich chemical compounds and can be as alternative anticancer agents which in combination with other synthetic substances may have the potential for the prevention and the treatment of certain forms of cancer.

Recent studies on human cells have shown that, saffron can prevent & inhibit certain cancers. Other preclinical evidence has demonstrated that, saffron switches on programmed cell death in cancerous cells.

Saffron Face Make for Glowing Skin & beauty

Saffron Face Make for Glowing Skin & beauty

Saffron is known to be one of the most precious and used spice across the world. It is rich in nutrients and full of innumerable skin benefits. This marvelous herb is being used from the ancient period as a secret beauty and pretty safe ingredient to use for skin to enhance skin beauty.

Today, the most of the moisturizing creams have saffron in their product ingredients and saffron is being utilized as a potent & natural treatment for glowing skin and helps skin lighten naturally.

In addition, Saffron is rich in manganese & great for the skin care. A potent ingredient to add to your facial mask which can upgrade skincare routine tremendously and enhances your skin healthy and gives you glowing skin.


Do you know the numerous benefits of saffron as a skincare product? Here are the Major Benefits of Saffron Face Mask for Skin:

  • Brightens Skin
  • Glowing Skin
  • Exfoliate Skin
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Heals Injury Scars
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Fungal Properties
  • Soothes Skin Problems
  • Heals Acne & Blemishes
  • Lightens uneven Skin Tones
  • Achieving Clear & even Skin
  • Enhances Skin Beauty & Texture
  • Anti-Aging: Slows down Premature Aging
  • Fades Scars, relief Sunburns, Irritation and Redness

“On Continuous Use, your Skin will be Silky Smooth, Glowing & Beauty and you can easily get rid of most of these Skin Issues and get Flawless Skin”

Saffron Face Mask Recipes for Beauty & Glowing Skin

  • Saffron & Milk Face Mask

This luxurious facial mask is the best recipe for skin brightening which works as a moisturizer & skin toner. Indeed, the golden color of saffron & milk mask will help for glowing skin and beauty. With the use of this marvelous mask, you will be able to see the difference. It will fade away blemishes, cleanse off dead cells, soften skin, making your skin look young and keep it moisturized.


  • 3-4 Saffron Strands
  • 1/4 Cup Milk
  • 1 Water
  • Small Pinch of Sugar (Optional)


Steps to Make this Marvelous Face Mask by the Method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

At first, soak strands of saffron into cup of milk & water. Next, add sugar and mix them all together (Sugar exfoliates the skin). Let the milk infuse with saffron for about 2 hours.

  • Step2:

Then apply this mixture on your face and neck.

  • Step3:

Allow the mask to dry for 15-20 minutes. Finally splash water and wash it off your face.


  • Note 1:

Do not use this face mask if you are allergic to dairy.

  • Note 2:

Repeat 3 times a week for glowing and beauty skin.

  • Note 3:

Use a face mask brush, because this facial mask can stain your fingernails yellow.

Saffron with Olive Oil Face Mask

This popular facial mask is the best recipe for anti-aging, improving circulation to the skin, clears up the dull skin rapidly and give it a beautiful glow. Moreover, it also protects the skin from harmful sun rays and reduces dark circles on skin and helps to prevent premature aging of the skin due to olive oil, because its rich in antioxidants.


  • 4 Saffron Strands
  • 1 Olive Oil


Steps to Make This Marvelous Face Mask by the method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

First, mix the saffron strands in the olive oil and let them be soaked for at least 15 minutes.

  • Step2:

Then, massage your face skin with this mixture in the upward direction and let the combination of olive oil & saffron stay on skin for about an hour.

  • Step3:

Finally, with using a wet tissue, wipe off the olive oil.


  • Note 1:

Instead of olive oil, you can use almond oil, coconut or even sesame oil.

  • Note 2:

You can leave this facial mask on overnight as well and it’s better to repeat this mask every alternate night.

The combination of saffron and honey as a unique facial mask is a great remedy which will brighten skin and will offer numerous beauty benefits and Saffron is known to enhance the skin tone and give it a glow. Honey is rich in antioxidants that help to get rid of dark spots & giving you brighter, cleaner and tighter skin. Furthermore, honey contains antibacterial properties that will keep skin free from bacteria and also removes acne, wrinkles and blemishes.


  • 4-5 Saffron Strands
  • 2 Honey


Steps to Make This Marvelous Face Mask by the Method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

At first, in a small bowl, mix the saffron strands with honey until well combined.

  • Step2:

Then, apply all over your face & massage it for 5 minutes in the upward direction and let this mixture stay on skin for a few minutes (Keep the mask for 10 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water).


  • Note 1:

Repeat this facial mask 2-3 times a week for glowing and beauty skin.

Saffron, Lemon and Yogurt Face Mask


The combination of saffron, lemon and yogurt has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it very effective against acne. Indeed, more benefits of this precious facial mask for skin is for fighting acne on your skin and soothe painful and itchy acne, tighten skin pores and cleans them, promote youthful skin, skin lightening properties, reduce skin oiliness.

Additionally, saffron will hydrate the skin making it looking fresh and glowing, will help banish dark marks and blemishes.


  • 1/2 Saffron Powder
  • 2 Yogurt
  • 1 Lemon Juice (Freshly)


Steps to Make This Marvelous Face Mask by the Method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

First, in a small bowl, add all ingredients to it & mix up them in order to form a smooth paste.

  • Step2:

Once the mixture is ready as a fine paste, grab a face mask brush and apply this facial mask all over your face and wait for 10 minutes for it to penetrate.

  • Step 3:

Finally, after the mask has dried, splash water and rinse off using cold water.


  • Note 1:

If you have severe acne, don’t add more lemon juice because it can burn skin and irritate acne.

  • Note 2:

For best results, get fresh lemon juice please.

  • Note 3:

Use plain and unflavored yogurt to avoid skin irritation.

  • Note 4:

Please make sure, you are not allergic to any of this natural ingredients.

Basil Leaves and Saffron Face Mask

The saffron along with basil will reduce skin acne and it is an efficient remedy for the treatment of acne and blackheads. It will also help in getting rid of blemishes & pimples and eliminate the bacteria, due to the antimicrobial properties in basil leaves. Furthermore, it has wound healing properties, hence, treat existing scars as well on skin.


  • 6 -7 Basil Leaves
  • 10-12 Saffron Strands
  • Water


Steps to Make This Marvelous Face Mask by the Method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

First, grind the saffron strands with basil leaves together. Then add some water and prepare a fine paste.

  • Step2:

Apply the paste on the face, especially on pimple prone areas.

  • Step 3:

Wait for 20 minutes for it to dry & penetrate on skin, then wash away with cold water.


  • Note 1:

For best results, repeat it twice a week.

Saffron and Almonds Face Mask

Almond & saffron is a very effective & traditional facial mask hat has been used for many generations for skin whitening & lightening which will enhance the skin tone with the natural bleaching properties of almonds.

Due to the natural oil present in the almonds, the moisture balance of the skin will also be restored. It improves skin texture and removes patchiness, unclogs skin pores and clears it off dirt.

In general, this mask allows you to freshen up your skin. Indeed, a popular face mask which moisturizes, hydrates, and brightens the face skin to make it visibly, smoother and healthier.


  • 10 Saffron Strands
  • 5 Almonds
  • Water


Steps to Make This Marvelous Face Mask by the Method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

First, Soak saffron and almonds in water for a few hours.

  • Step2:

Then, grind everything together and make a smooth paste.

  • Step 3:

Grab a face mask brush and apply evenly all over your face and let it sit on the skin (until all of it is absorbed) for15-20 minutes.

  • Step 4:

Finally, wash it off your face while gently massaging the mixture over skin.

  • Note 1:

You can use it any time and during the day to feel fresh and beauty.

Saffron & Milk Powder Face Mask

Saffron & Milk Powder face mask will be effective in eradicating blackheads as well as whiteheads. This potent facial mask can be conveniently used to treat dry and dull skin issues and hydrates your skin.

Furthermore, milk powder is rich in lactic acid, vitamins and minerals that brightens, lightens and smoothens the skin and it acts as a skin cleanser.


  • 4-5 Saffron Strands
  • 2 Milk Powder
  • 1/4 Cup Water


Steps to Make This Marvelous Face Mask by the Method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

First, in a small bowl, add all ingredients to it & mix up them well in order to form a smooth paste.

  • Step 2:

Wait for about 15 minutes for it to dry & penetrate on skin. Finally, wash away with plain water.


  • Note 1:

For best results, apply & repeat it twice a week.

  • Note 2:

Do not use this face mask if you are allergic to dairy products.

Saffron Skin Toner (Saffron Facial Toner)

Saffron Skin Toner has potent anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help in the prevention and reduction of already existing acne and skin blemishes. Suitable for dull & dehydrated skin and leaves skin fresh & glowing.

Additionally, helps reduce the risk of skin aging and other harmful effects of the sun and removes any traces of dirt & impurities in skin pores.

Saffron Skin Toner can have major positive impact on the appearance & gives a healthiest glow to the skin and creating a more vibrant and smoother appearance.


  • 4-5 Saffron Strands
  • Half a Cup of Rose Water
  • Aloe Vera gel


Steps to Make This Marvelous Face Mask by the Method of Sun’s Secret

  • Step1:

First, crush a few strands of saffron and mix with some rose water & natural aloe Vera gel. Then, pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Let it soak for 1 to 2 days.

  • Step 2:

Rub a small amount into your skin and wait for until it penetrates on skin. Finally, use as a saffron toner whenever required.


  • Note 1:

For best results, added to your daily skincare routine and used regularly to feel fresh and beauty.

Types of Saffron

Types of Saffron

In this article, we are trying to show you to identify and recognize the grades and different types of various saffron that present different quality levels of the same saffron flower.

  • Super Negin Saffron (Super Premium)

Super Negin is the main descendant of All-Red family and has the highest saffron concentration level. The most glorious and luxurious type of saffron in the world for export. Moreover, it is well known for both aesthetic appearance and more volume.

In super Negin, three strands of saffron stigma are long-flat & thick connect together without any wave, curvature or wrinkling and free of frizz, without any cream or orange and yellow threads.

Containing the highest level of safranal, crocin and having a high coloring property between 240 and 290 units. Super Negin has a bit larger and thicker thread than Negin saffron and longer stigma length compared to Sargol saffron.

Producing super Negin saffron requires harder manual skills and involvement of more technical equipment than other types of saffron. The drying method of Super Negin makes a lot of difference in its appearance.

Super Negin is considered as a best choice for gifts and souvenirs or for using in many famous international restaurants.

  • Negin Saffron (Premium Saffron)

Negin Saffron is other members of the All-Red saffron family which are placed in second position in terms of quality and price value. Top-quality fragrance and aroma, high level of safranal and crocin.

Three stigma threads are attached together and are uniform, smooth and without fractures (unlike Sargol saffron, where the stigmas have fractures). Also has no style & pollen.

Negin saffron is same as super Negin and just differ in the size, thickness of the stigmas and their special drying methods and conditions. The Corocin rate and coloring power is between 230 and 270 USP of coloring.

It is more desired for home-usage and has better physical appearance and more expensive than Sargol saffron. The presence of broken stigma particles in the saffron is a distinguishing factor between Sargol and Negin.

  • Sargol (All Red Saffron)

Sargol is called “All-Red Saffron”, literally means “Top of the flower” and has total red stigmas.

It’s similar to “Coupe Saffron” in the Spanish market. The titles “Sarqalam”, “Sarrisheh” and” Mumtaz” are used for Sargol saffron. Use of Sargol saffron is more conventional than the others types in Iran.

It is in the third place after Negin and Super Negin in terms of color & aroma and due to containing crumbs and broken threads. Indeed, the three stigmas of a flower are not connected to the style in Sargol and Saffron Stigmas are completely separated.

The threads are shorter in size than Negin and Super Negin Saffron and it is derived from the very tip of the saffron thread. There is no trace of whiteness in it, no creamy part (saffron root) and “style” (the yellow part).

The coloring power of Sargol is between 210 and 260 and divided into different grade based on thickness, smoothness or fracture and stigma length.

  • Pushal Saffron:

Poushali saffron or Filament is the one of middle quality of other types of saffron. The favorable saffron type among home users and more public trust for the existence of style.

It consists of red and yellow strands. Indeed, The Pushal threads contain a bit of the yellow style as well. So, the coloring power is lower than Super Negin, Negin, & Sargol saffron and is known as a qualified saffron after the All-Red saffron category.


At the end of the stigma, there are some yellow or white parts, which gives it a straw-like shape; That is why saffron is called straw (Poushal). this type has in medium average Crocin, Safranal and Picrocrocin.

The main factor in distinguishing different qualities of poushal saffron type are the length of the style and thickness of stigmas. Generally, Poushal coloring power ranges between 200-240 units as it contains more style.

  • grade I:

The red stigma part of the saffron string is 1 to 3 mm from the yellow cream part. It has the lowest amount of style among the varieties of pushal and has more coloring power than others.

  • grade II:

The red stigma part of the saffron string is 1 to 4 mm from the yellow cream part. This grade has longer styles and is weaker than grade 1 in terms of appearance and coloring power.

  • Grade III:

It has more cream than other types of pushal and this brings it closer to bunch saffron but the amount of cream in it is still less than bunch saffron. This type is the weakest among all types of pushal.

  • Bunch Saffron (Batch, Dasteh, Khooshe, Dokhtar-Pich):

Bunch saffron locally called Dasteh, Khooshe or Dokhtar-Pich. Bunch is also known as red & white saffron that all wrapped like a bunch.

Bunch saffron covers the full string of saffron (consists of stigma & style and has the red and yellow parts of saffron together). Less red color and more yellow part the yellow part is about 30 and the red part is about 70%. Indeed, Bunch is the basic saffron types, has a beautiful red-orange color and it is obtained by stacking and drying a whole string of saffron.

Bunch saffron has less pigmentation than other types of saffron. The bottom of the saffron thread has the whitish-grey color and is the lowest grade of saffron Bunch. The saffron stigmas are not separated from the white part of saffron. In bunch saffron, the stigma can be shorter or longer which determines the saffron quality.

The coloring power of batch saffron is between 120 and 150 units. Bunch is normally wrapped by a white strand eliminating the risk of strand coloring.

  • White Saffron or Style (Konj)


After separate the head (sargol) from the bunch, the root or white part, which in Iran is known as Konj or white saffron remains that is not included in the category of saffron varieties because it doesn’t contain the dye, crocin that gives food a rich golden color. This part is known in Europe as white or style (cream).

It is the yellow or white parts of saffron threads which are separated from Red-colored stigma. white saffron contains many properties as the nutritious substances are transferred to stigmas through white saffron. It is mostly applied for medicinal & therapeutic usages.

distinguish Real Saffron and Fake Saffron

Ways to distinguish Real Saffron and Fake Saffron

How to Test & Identify Pure Saffron?

Saffron is the most expensive & precious spice in the world which the value worth as much as the value of gold.

Some counterfeit companies turn saffron into other plants that are similar to saffron in the production process with colored sprays or mixed with fake materials and even sprayed with water to make it heavier and costlier by weight.

It may be difficult to distinguish pure saffron from fake. Customers don’t want to find out that they have been cheated after paying a high price for buying saffron and what they are buying is counterfeit saffron.

However, there are also ISO standards, such as the ISO 3632 standard for saffron that can help customers identify pure saffron. Here, are some methods in order to easily recognize the real saffron.

Ways to distinguish Real Saffron and Fake Saffron

In this article, we offer some methods to distinguish genuine saffron from counterfeit:

Pure Saffron is the stigma of the autumn crocus flower. While the flower is purple, the stigma is red. Each crocus bulb produces only one flower and each flower only produces 3 stigmas. As a result, the spice is difficult to harvest and expensive to purchase.

  1. Smell (Scent):

A very distinct way of identifying is the aroma. The pure saffron aroma is very interesting and has a strong floral scent & fascinating smell. The smell of high quality saffron as sweet aroma that this smell is due to the concentration of safranal in saffron. It is literally a combination of Hay (Alfalfa) and Honey smells. The fresher the saffron, the fragrant it is.

  1. Appearance (Look & Feel):

Pure saffron threads have a trumpet-shaped end. Indeed, the stigma of the saffron stalk is like trumpet at upper part and thinner at the bottom. If a thread does not bulge at one end, it’s a fake & adulterated. In addition, the top of the pure saffron branch should be horny and fake saffron is not like this.

Counterfeit saffron can be totally fake or may have a few threads of pure saffron craftily added to mislead clients and generally be anything that looks like a saffron thread and colored to replicate the real stuff.

Corn husk and saffron stigmas are similar. The difference is that the saffron stigmas are curved, which can help you identify the real saffron. The safflower is similar in appearance to the real saffron, so don’t be fooled by its color and fragrance.

  1. Taste:

The original saffron will have an earthy flavor. While the pure saffron smells sweet but it will never taste sweet. It tastes slightly bitter and it may feel a little bitter. Hence, if you put a saffron thread in your mouth and if it tastes sweet…. It’s fake. Some dishonest sellers add honey or sugar to increase the weight of saffron.

  1. Color

In distinguishing pure saffron from counterfeit, Check the color of the saffron in water.

For this experiment, put saffron threads in a small bowl of tepid (lukewarm) or cold water. Wait at least 15 minutes. The original saffron releases itself and slowly turn uniform yellow or orange color for 10 to 20 minutes.

Indeed, the genuine saffron, slowly leaves a golden mark in the water but the counterfeit saffron has a chemical color that will immediately begin to return color and often its color tends to be orange and bright red. Hence, If the saffron you bought had a lot of fast coloring, doubt its authenticity.

By the way, the pure saffron thread in cold / hot water still retains its red color after dyeing and over time and it wouldn’t have lost its original color but fake saffron changes & lose their color and turns white after dyeing.

  1. Rub The Saffron Threads between your Fingers

Put saffron in cold water and after saffron has bloomed in for a few minutes, take a couple of the saffron threads and rub the threads between two fingers back and forth for a few minutes.

You will notice that the original saffron threads remain and hold their shape without breaking apart but adulterated saffron threads will quickly fall apart or turns to powder and leaks out itself.

Moreover, if you rub pure saffron between your fingers, your skin will turn yellow & orange that this means, the saffron you bought is genuine.

  1. Press the Saffron Threads between 2 Pieces of Paper

Put & press some of the saffron threads between 2 pieces of paper or newspaper. The pure saffron doesn’t leave any stain or trace of on the paper at all but counterfeit saffron leaves oil and fat stains on paper that it indicates the saffron is fake and may be oil has been added to fake saffron it to gain weight. The real saffron is crushed like powdered and has no fat.

  1. Distinguishing Saffron with Gasoline

You should know that, the original saffron doesn’t dissolve in gasoline and it should not change color if you pour some of it into gasoline.

  1. Interaction of Saffron with Baking Soda

One of the amazing tests is to combine a little baking soda in a cup of water and mix it. Then add some saffron to the mixture. If the saffron is original, the water and baking soda will turn yellow. Otherwise, you are dealing with fake saffron and the saffron is adulterated and will turn a faint red color.

  1. Buying Saffron from Valid Brands of Saffron Producers

Buying saffron from valid & reputable brands of saffron producers or saffron exporter companies. Well-known brands have international certifications and marks such as the ISO standard.

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Health Benefits saffron

Health Benefits saffron

Health Benefits saffron

Saffron is the most precious spice in the world and is known as a medicinal plant & miracle that seems to be the elixir of human life with a strong aroma and a magnificent color. The recent studies demonstrate that, saffron has many medicinal properties. It is a rich source of antioxidants with numerous & countless health benefits to humans.

The Magnificent Benefits of Saffron for Health, Skin & Hair

  1. A Powerful Resource of Natural Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals 

Saffron contains a variety of compounds that act as antioxidants. These antioxidants include crocin, crocetin, picrococin and safranal. The benefits and uses of saffron are prominent due to the presence of these compounds that are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, niacin, Folic Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc etc.

  1. Reduce Depression and Improves Anxiety, Mood & Mental Health

Saffron due to safranal & crocin is an excellent stimulant and antidepressant, cures anxiety, reduces stress levels, elevates mood and brighten up people day. Saffron consumption as a natural mood enhancer and antidepressant might be as effective as taking a prescription antidepressant and have a positive effect on the nervous system & the mental health of the people who use it.

  1. Enhance Weight Loss & Reduce Appetite

Saffron stimulates and helps to lose weight by promoting a feeling of satiety & curbing appetite and it stops food cravings.

The dietary fiber in saffron makes people feel full for longer. Furthermore, reduces fat absorption and calories absorbed from food and improves digestion. As a result, crocin in saffron component, reduces blood fats, body fat and prevents people from binge eating and enhances weight loss.

  1. Anti-Cancer Properties

Saffron has a potential & natural anti-cancer effects, fights against cancerous cells and may reduce cancer risk. The anti-cancer properties of saffron is due to the presence of crocin that targets and suppress cancer cells especially on the colon, skin, prostate, lung, liver, breast, prostate, ovary and etc. It is also used to stop the growth of tumor cells.

  1. Improve Heart Function & Prevents Heart Diseases:

Saffron, is rich in thiamin and riboflavin that promotes heart health, enhances cardiovascular health system and reduces the risk of heart attack and vascular problems by increasing the heart’s pumping capacity. Many studies have shown the impressive effect of saffron on reducing heart problems and this is due to the burning of cholesterol while the body converts crocin to crocetin.

  1. Skin Care:

Saffron brightens skin, helps to keep skin vibrant & fresh, possesses various beauty benefits and imparts a blemish-free radiance to skin.

The antifungal properties of saffron make it effective for the treatment of acne, skin spots and blackheads, curing dryness, lights skin, protects skin from UV Radiation and generally gives the skin a glowing touch and makes it soft and supple.

  1. Strengthens The Immune System:

Carotenoids in this luxuries plant can have a positive effect on the immune system. The consumption of saffron increases the production of white blood cells which increases energy and relieves fatigue.

Preventing viral activity in the body’s cells is another reason to prove the claim of boosting immune system by saffron. Saffron contains some vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which is vital for the body’s health.

  1. Energizing:

Increase vitality, happiness and energy with saffron consumption. Saffron raises energy levels. The carotenoids in saffron increase energy storage and strength in the body’s muscles and can be an ideal choose for athletes.

  1. Improves Eyesight (Boost Vision Health):

Saffron is known as an effective remedy for improving healthy vision and treating various eye disorders. The presence of crocin in saffron improves blood flow in the eyes and prevents eye aging.

  1. Asthma Treatment:

People have long used saffron to cures asthma. The anti-inflammatory properties of saffron can minimize the asthma attack & treats lung spasms. Research suggests that, drinking a saffron herbal or tea with the mixture of anise, black seed, caraway, cardamom, chamomile, fennel, and licorice, will reduce asthma symptoms.

  1. Insomnia Treatment & Sound Sleep:

Saffron has proven effective in treating insomnia due to its sedative properties and can help sufferers of insomnia and enhance the quality of sleep in adult. Moreover, regulates the hormones produced during sleep.

  1. Treatment of Anemia:

Saffron consumption is benefit for people that suffering from anemia and prevents for Anemia. A certain amount of iron can be obtained from saffron which will keep fatigue and body weakness at bay.

  1. Alzheimer’s Treatment & Promote Brain Health:

Saffron acts as a memory enhancer and improves Alzheimer’s symptoms, increases brain function and prevents cell death in the brain. Thus minimize the risk of neurological diseases.

The antioxidants in saffron play a vital role in protecting the body from disorders affecting the nervous system & boosts the formation of brain cells and has a meaningful use to strengthen memory.

  1. Reduces Blood Pressure:

Saffron is rich in potassium which can dilate blood vessels and decrease blood pressure to prevent cardiac arrests & eliminates blockage from arteries. The presence of crocetin decreases harmful cholesterol in blood. Therefore, it lowers your risks of heart attacks or associated cardiac disorders.

  1. Promote Digestive Health

Saffron has an important role in improving the digestive process and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders through its antioxidant effects, anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical properties.

  1. Reduce Menstrual Discomfort & Treat Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

One of the classic uses of saffron in reducing premenstrual symptoms and problems such as imbalance, muscle cramps, bloating and pimples. Furthermore, the cortisol (stress hormone) levels reduce, curtailing anxiety & reduces pain during the menstrual cycle.

Indeed, saffron tea regulates menstruation as well as relieve pain from period.

Boosts Your Body with Saffron

  • Reduce Cholesterol
  • Reduce Blood Sugar
  • Bone Health
  • Sedative
  • Hair Loss Remedy
  • Improves Liver Health
  • Prevention against Parkinson’s disease
  • Reducing pregnancy pains
  • Stomach Ulcer Cure
  • Headaches Cure
  • Anti-Cough
  • Anti-Diabetic
  • Anti- Inflammatory
  • Anti- Bacterial
  • Soothe Fever
  • Relieve Toothache & Gingivitis Treat
  • Relieves Muscle Aches
  • Heal Wounds & Burn Wounds
  • Boosts Libido
  • Minimize Urinary Infection
  • Help treat arthritis (inflammation of the joints)
  • Helps in Arthritis
  • Increase the growth of red blood cells