24 August, 2022

Saffron Candy

Saffron Candy

A Sweet Travel Around Persia

The “Saffron rock candy” as an excellent sweetener, originated from Persian and India hundreds of years ago which in Persian culture is called “Nabat “.

All the great changes begin with a small start, just like adding saffron candy in a warm tea. Saffron candy as a Persian pain relief & healing the soul, increases the essence of sweetness in drink & makes everything feel better.

This golden candy commonly is used in tea, herbal tea, green tea, coffee, milk, water and any other hot drinks as a table ornament in gatherings with a sweet caramelized taste & it dissolves quickly in hot drinks. Saffron enhances the color and makes it more refreshing & fragrant. From the past, saffron candy has all the magnificent benefits of saffron, hence was used due to its healing effects.

Saffron candy is a pleasant staple in the daily Persian tea routine & traditional tea ceremonies. This golden flower of flavors is more than just a sweetener for hot drinks, cocktails, and other beverages. Just add Saffron Candy to your marinades. you can dissolve it in warm water or allow it to slowly infuse into the mixture.

What a Sweet Way to Be Healthy?

Who said that, you couldn’t have your sweet & stay healthy? Saffron rock candy made from natural crystallized sugar & 100% organic saffron with elite flavor & multiples Health Benefits.

A cup of warm tea with saffron candy is known for its numerous benefits.

  • Relieves Dry Coughs
  • Improves Digestive System
  • Soothes Stomach Ache
  • Restoring your Energy
  • Boots your Mood
  • Anti-Depressant
  • Relives Stress
  • Improves Brain Function
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Prevents Bacterial Infection
  • Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular
  • Curbs Constipation
  • Eases Flatulence
  • Regulates Blood Sugar
  • Invigorates The Body
  • Decreasing Fatigue
  • Calms Muscle Cramps
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Improves Metabolism Function

Nothing is more relaxing than hot tea with saffron candy in the cold & rainy days while watching & listening to the sound of rain.

That movement, when the sugar crystals breaks & the saffron aroma fills the home; it’s a good feeling to relieve your daily fatigue with a hot drink & saffron rock candy. It makes the worries go away.

Feeling Good …. Using Saffron Candy

Natural & organic saffron rock candy is a blend that promotes emotional & optimal well-being and helps in giving you a healthy start to your day.

What an incredible taste. A hot cup of fresh tea with saffron candy & its floral aroma, soothes your evening.

This golden flower on a stick, made from crystallized & 100% pure cane sugar & organic saffron with potent flavors that are delicious & long-lasting with colors that sparkle.


What Tops Gold? Yup, Saffron is more luxurious than gold. Recharge your mind & body with healthy resolutions. Add Saffron Candy to your drinks and make it the healthiest & yummiest. A luscious combination that is sure to energize every inch of your body. Saffron candy is prefect for any marinade that demands a sweet element where you need to use sugar.

Cheer up & Chill out Lemonade with Saffron Rock Candy

We all need comfort & good vibes. This golden luscious & refreshing syrup with saffron candy is all you need after a long day’s work. To add more excitement in your happy moments, try our special & authentic products & take a break for self-care.

Happy Life is Made of Memorable Moments Like This

Good Morning with A Sweet Love

Happy Christmas

December boxes on their way

Christmas time calls for Christmas candy. Share sweet moments with your loved ones & complete your winter experience with the perfect match of saffron candy.

These delectable delights take full advantage of the temperamental & fragrant saffron that lifts the classic saffron candy flavor to another level & forms a splendid symphony of flavors.

This One Surely Makes for Christmas.

Christmas is the perfect time to binge eat. we have a yummy idea, go full on Persian style and use saffron rock candy to sweeten your cuppas and pair them with healthy canapes and fill your heart with goodness.

Order healthy & super rich saffron candy for Christmas, birth announcements, parties, weddings, anniversaries or any celebration! Cause what’s a celebration without saffron candy? makes any gathering memorable.

“Order a Sweet Box of Happiness”

Have you ever felt the joy & freshness of life after inhaling the saffron fragrance in the air of your house? A cup of fresh drink with saffron candy make the blues away.

Pepole who are exposed to the taste & aroma of saffron are happier overall and have a more positive outlook on life.

Looking forward to laying in the sun & cool drinks like this memorable syrup with saffron candy.

“A Sweet Ending to A New Beginning”

The true essence of Persian tea with saffron candy is on the table. When everybody is looking for peace & comfort smoothies experiencing a great new taste can double this comfort.

We care for your wellbeing & bring you best quality

Sometimes, happiness is a reflection of good health. In Sun’s Secret, We aim to bring super quality & organic saffron rock candy which does not contain unwanted preservatives & adulterated. Something Sweet, classy and highly nutritional is coming to you and helps your health & soothes your mind from saffron candy.

The unique flavor of our saffron candy distinguishes itself instantly from other varieties available in the market.

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