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From the beginning & since its early days, Sun’s Secret as a modern & innovative generation brand has been established with the permanent purpose of innovation, diversity and the highest quality as a leading producer and exporter at the global saffron trade on a wide scale.

Sun’s Secret Saffron is more than a product. The most significant objectives of Sun’s Secret brand are promoting healthy & high quality product through observing all the international standards along with emphasis on optimal and conscious monitoring of all process done in the supply chain with the most specialized laboratories.

All high quality saffron products are packaged in a completely hygienic environment by using the latest technology in the industry and moreover are tested, processed and packed by food manufacturing operation specialists that is exported to the European countries including: Germany, the Arab countries and also Middle East.

Healthier the world is our major purpose. To help create a healthier and more sustainable environment, Sun’s Secret believe in the nutritional value of saffron products with joy and happiness to enhance the quality of life and set goals that contribute to offer a better shared future and healthier environment for human societies. Our major function in the fields of creating & exporting high quality & healthy products, including: saffron types, tea, rock candy, chocolate, syrup and so forth.

We Continue to offer superior-quality, affordable and convenient food products that meet a wide range of consumer preferences and expectations.

 ‘The Secret of the Happiness lies in Saffron, We Inspire the Moments of Happiness and Enjoyment’

Sun’s Secret Advantages & Achievements

Saffron organically grown with great care in Khorasan Razavi & South Khorasan provinces in Eastern Iran with great care and is cultivated using the best and according to the most recent technologies and gets analyzed in special testing laboratories after being harvested and passes different tests & monitored filtering processes to share & provide our customers with the highest level of experience achievable.

For the purpose of achieving our brand’s objectives and focus on high qualified saffron products, Sun’s Secret controls and monitors its whole process of productions supply chain from planting to harvest period, drying and product classification. Hence, we offer the purist and 100% natural & pure premium saffron and free of chemicals or preservatives and with a competitive taste and offering of exceptional prices.

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At a glance:

  FaraFood CO. was established as a global business that has specialized in exporting food industry on a large scale all over the globe. A recognized leader in producing organic and nutrition products that relies on maintaining customers trust with the aim to create more joy, happy and spark a great smile for people across the globe.

With the growing need of the global markets, we make distinguish to have a remarkable impact on the world. Through our core values, Farafood with a global perspective, strives to operate with integrity, diversity, innovation and value creation for customers & communities in order to advance the quality of our foods and extending our food products’ reach around the world.

Farafood is well-known for its customer orientation. Indeed, our global consumers are at the center of everything we do. We play an effective contribution to improving the healthy & organic food including saffron types, spices, tea, herbal tea, syrup, chocolate, coffee, candy, olive, caviar and so forth to ensure the stable and secure supply of global business partners.

Our team are continuously developing food products both in retail & bulk packing that offer consumers just what they’re seeking and all our products are sterilized in a new process and considers the observance of all the principles and points of product packaging as one of the pillars of our mission to create quality products and meets the newest requirements of international standards.

Moreover, according to our goals, we consider ourselves as a specialist consultant team and assist our customers to supply their desired products with their own brands in a broad way. 


  • To revitalize health, optimism, happiness and more joyful moments
  • To deliver a level of sustainable growth unmatched in food industry
  • Revival the culture of organic products consumption in global markets
  • Partnerships to improve sustainably feed the world
  • Enhance the experience of promoting the culture of consuming the nutritious & organic products as a routine eating habits
  • Leadership with the purpose of create a sustainable & better future
  • Firm commitment to meet & satisfy people’s desires and needs
  • Improved operation in accordance with respects and protects the health of the environment and fostering a more sustainable planet


  • To become the worldwide exporter at the healthy & organic products trade on a wide scale
  • To obtain a share in the global markets and ease of access to our diversity food products
  • To become the most innovative, consumer – driven organic products brand
  • To bring growth & optimization through continuous innovation & improvement of supply chain in the global markets
  • Continuous bilateral relationship with the reputable suppliers as an integral part of value chain on a wide scale
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Sun’s Secret?

Authenticity Guaranty

Certified & Safe

Honesty & Integrity

We Do the Right Thing

Customer Service
Prompt Response to Customer Needs

Freshness & Longevity

Food Products Safety and Wellbeing

Fast Delivery Period

We ship Worldwide

Diverse & Convenient Packaging
Creative Packaging Design

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Highest Quality
What we do, we do Prefect
Environmental Sustainability
Renew Natural Resources
Sustainable Development
Creating Shared Value
Customer Satisfaction
Respect for Consumers’ rights
Innovation & Diversity
Fostering Innovation Through Diversity
Fair Trade
Balance between Quality & Price

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