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“What A Delicious Rainbow”

Food is for eating and Persian Cuisine by a variety range of delicious & aromatic delights is just for enjoy. From the earliest time, Persians have been known for their hospitality & warmth and their culture and cuisine is among the oldest in the world and the marvelous art of Persian cooking has spread all over the world.

Indeed, Persian Cuisine is one of the world’s delicious which is not limited to its geographical borders and create a rich & marvelous food culture. The major foundation of most Persian dishes including bread, rice and meat often served with salad, pickles, fresh herbs and yogurt

Our Secret Ingredient in Persian Cuisine Is Always Love & Hospitality With The Pleasant Flavor of Saffron                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Can you Imagine a World Without a Delicious Main Dishes?

Come on home, you deserve a delicious meal as a memorable main dish. Where fresh food with the pleasant taste & explosion of flavor speaks with your palate and you listen to it eagerly. The main dishes that lengthens your life.

Foodies welcome. For true food lovers, the most important meal of the day is certainly main course as a main food or principal dish that served at time separately.

Main Course is a Fine Time to score on hunger!

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Side Dishes Always Comes First

What make you happy? A delicious & charming slice of side dishes. The flavors you Love. The nature of side order is any pleasant taste or small dish that stimulates the appetite and served as an accompaniment to a main course at a meal. For instance, side dishes like French fries, cocktail sauce, vegetables and dips, salad, chesses, soup, finger foods, corn or potatoes pudding, toast, fruits …et cetera.

 “Tastes as Delicious as They Look”

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Where There is Dessert, there is Life with Love

Life’s sweeter with a little dessert. Dessert, tastes like a little piece of happiness and life’s better with dessert. An amazing dessert can make you smile & brighten your day. Hence, add more dessert to your life. Desserts with an exceptional taste & sweet aroma, saves the soul.

The last course of a meal which is commonly to consist of pastry, cake, tarts, cheese, cookies, pie, ice cream, chocolate, sweet pudding, fresh & cooked fruit and even coffee. Now, ready to order more dessert.

A Sweet, Crispy and Delicious Slice of Heaven

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The Party Won’t Start Until Drinks Arrive

Seasons Call for Drinks. Get ready to enjoy? Taste the freshness. What could be better than a cold & hot drink with a great refreshing taste? Hot & Cold drinks, flavored for happiness are what we need, because we deserve a refreshing break.

A Great Drink for A Continuous Happiness

Sun's Secret
Sun's Secret