24 July, 2022

Saffron Kills Cancer Cells

Saffron Kills Cancer Cells

Saffron: Anti-Cancer Properties

Nowadays, one of the most common causes of death is “cancer” which has a major impact on societies across the world and there has been a continuous rise in its incidence in both developing and developed countries.

Cancer is a major public health concern that can be caused by different factors. while some factors cannot be modified, at least one third of cancers are preventable by reducing behavioral and dietary risks.

One of the significantly important approaches for cancer prevention in the present era is using readily available natural substances including: vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices and among these precious herbs and spices, saffron has numerous beneficial properties.

Saffron, this herbal remedy is known for its possible therapeutic effect on cancer and has a long time history as an effective component of traditional medical that act as antioxidants and has an intrinsic ability to fight cancer. A saffron flower toxin, kills cancer cells. It attacks damaged cells and leaving intact the healthy cells.

The more powerful components of saffron are crocin, crocetin and safranal. According to medical research, the antioxidants in Saffron affect the regulation of cell growth, prevent cancer-causing gene sequences and slow tumor progression while boosting & increasing blood levels of protective compounds that further suppress cancer growth.

In addition, Saffron has a natural anti-cancer properties and fights against cancerous cells especially on the colon, skin, prostate, gastric, lung, liver, blood, breast, bone marrow, cervix, colorectal, pancreas, hepatic, ovarian, cervical carcinoma and etc…, due to the presence of “crocin component”. It is also used to stop the growth of tumor cells.

Saffron acts as an anti-tumor drug. Indeed, the anti-tumor drugs from saffron stigma can be applied as alternative and safe. Furthermore, as mentioned above, saffron contains cancer-preventive properties and it has a significant effect on repairing damaged DNA molecules.

Saffron: A Powerful Antioxidant

This precious plant, has the unique ability to slow cancer growth. It reduces cell damage by eliminating free radicals, due to its antioxidant properties.

Saffron contains a series of beneficial, biologically active compounds and a multitude of bioactive molecules, many of which have been shown to have specific benefits in the body, including: protection of liver tissue and bladder tissue against chemical damage & toxins.

Moreover, the use of saffron could be combined with treatments such as: chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat the disease. The recent research has found that, saffron helps to reduce the harmful effects produced by chemotherapy drugs.



Worldwide researchers are investigating on the correlation of saffron with lowering risk of many types of cancers and cancer prevention & therapy.

Saffron is known for its rich chemical compounds and can be as alternative anticancer agents which in combination with other synthetic substances may have the potential for the prevention and the treatment of certain forms of cancer.

Recent studies on human cells have shown that, saffron can prevent & inhibit certain cancers. Other preclinical evidence has demonstrated that, saffron switches on programmed cell death in cancerous cells.

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